About Me

My name is Cori, and I'm a DMV-based costumer/cosplayer, puppeteer, fabricator, and educator.

Since an early age, I've always been driven to make things. I love nothing better than to find new an innovative ways of fabricating, and then finding a way to pass on and teach that knowledge.

I graduated with my BFA in Costume Tech/Technical Theater from University of Connecticut. After working for a few production houses, I returned to school to get my Masters degree in Puppetry, focusing on crafting skills and to further my interest in Cosplay. I graduated in Fall of 2017 with my M.A.

In addition to working in creative fields, I also worked my way through school as a teacher. I ran workshops and panels for college-age students as well as working with lesson plans and child care for primary school children.

I was diagnosed as a child with autism and hypermobility syndrome, which shapes a lot of the ways I communicate and navigate the world around me. I try my best to help others like me in both my cosplay work and professional setting. 

I work frequently as a panelist, teacher, and cosplay judge at several conventions on the east coast. If you are interested in having me at your convention, please shoot me a message.

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